Home Monitoring

Monitoring my home.

When we moved into our house, Jessica and I started adding “Internet of Things” components to the house. The first ones were regular, Internet controlled devices like Nest Thermostats and MyQ Garage Door Openers.
Unfortunately, these tools are very limited in the data they provide. With Nest, you get a very simplistic app with a day-by-day bar graph of how many hours the HVAC system has been on each day. The history only goes back 10 days making any sort of historical comparison impossible. The MyQ is similarly frustrating. The app they give you provides no reporting of events other than email alerting, and no way to automate opening or closing the garage other than making the user press a button in the app.

When i deployed my home docker cluster one of the services I deployed was InfluxDB and Grafana, for monitoring networks, systems and services. I’ve been slowly adding additional metrics from Nest, My Solar panel installation, and Z-Wave devices via Vera.